Al. Part 2. System for windows zone

AL. HANGING SYSTEM FOR WINDOW ZONE How might we rethink the concept of blinds to make it a more emotional part of an interior that affecting a mood? If you need to spend a lot of time at home for either work or any other reason, windows are the only way to explore outside. Al helps… Read More

Al. Part 1. Concept development

Al. Concept development History is the object of a construction whose place is formed not in homogenous and empty time, but in that which is fulfilled by the here-and-how [Jetztzeit]. For Robespierre, Roman antiquity was a past charged with the here-and-how, which he explored out of the continuum of history. The French revolution thought of… Read More

Luneville Hook Redesign

Alternative approaches to design and manufacturing of Lunéville hook Today, embroidery is considering not only a hobby but as a massive part of the fashion industry. Both prominent Fashion Houses and aspiring designers are applying a variety of embroidery techniques to offer new distinctive garments to their customers. Luneville embroidery is one of the best… Read More

Quarta. A wrist-holder for a cup

Everyday thing for local dwellers People in Banfkok are always carrying something in their hands. It is rare to see a person free of bags. Usually, a person is taking at least three sacks, including a personal bag (purse, shoulder bag, or equivalent), and two (or more) bags with food. Among all this baggage, the… Read More

Rabbit Earrings. Contactless consumer payment device

Contactless device for payment railway public transportation in Bangkok A smartphone is the only device for entertaining for a person while traveling in BTS. Today, it is not only the tool to communicate but the accessory for self-expression. Still, a traditional accessory is preforming this function for a long time. The idea is to combine… Read More
Lionfisn tableware concept

Atlantis. Tableware inspired by Lionfish

Atlantis. Tableware This project was inspired by mesmerizing lionfish that has proven to be a dangerous predator. Its ability to invade new habitats and to breed fastly was underrated by people before, and now the lesson of such levity must be learned. The concept is based on mimicking the visual appearance of the fish in… Read More

Future Casting

NONCONFORMING LABEL These days, the traditional way of gender perception is vanishing. It can be supported by a thorough analysis of the last (2018/2019) fashion shows. Some designers claimed the concept of gender-neutral performance. Also, it is clearly seen that men fashion became less masculine. Dresses and skirts are becoming regular for men. And this is… Read More

IMZ Ural Sunglasses

Sunglasses Concept for IMZ URAL According to the brief Disrupt & Align, it was the task to choose a company (from the list) and to offer a completely new product that currently is not in the brand range. The idea development was started with analyzing the history and the current market situation of the brand.… Read More

Pack Away

Packaging for hand-made jewelry and accessories The project aimed to find a new approach to design and produce packaging for hand-made jewelry. It was needed not only to propose good-looking concept but also make a functional and unusual item. The Process Here are the basic steps of the project. Market Study To make a relevant… Read More

Cast It

Light Switch Concept Designing and producing a surface-mounted light switch manufactured with molding technique. School BHSAD Year 2018 Level Product Design L5 Module Design Materials & Technology Seeking Inspiration The chandelier Manila by Venini became the main source of inspiration of the project. The main feature of the item is the air bubbles which are formed… Read More