Atlantis. Tableware

This project was inspired by mesmerizing lionfish that has proven to be a dangerous predator. Its ability to invade new habitats and to breed fastly was underrated by people before, and now the lesson of such levity must be learned. The concept is based on mimicking the visual appearance of the fish in an abstract way and evaluating the actions to restore balance in the damaged ecosystem.

Raffles University
Product Design L6
Sustainable Design


This stage required to define the area that needs to be investigated. I decided to seek inspiration in Sea World Bangkok, which is a great place to study underwater creatures.


Once the object has been identified, I started to research any problems around this creature. It was discovered that beautiful fish is a harmful predator, and the only solution to fight it is to implement it in the restaurants’ menu.

Abstract & Emulate

Next, it was required to look to the fish from different angles and to figure out how to incorporate it into the design. One of the ways is sketching on a variety of images and find the best form.


Pushing this method a bit further, I discovered that I could quickly get not only the shape of a particular plate but also the cutlery.

Tableware set for restaurants which serving lionfish

Gorgeous but destructive lionfish, native to the Indo-Pacific, has become a real threat to the whole ecosystem of the southeast coast of the U.S., the Caribbean, and parts of the Gulf of Mexico. It is believed that such a situation had been caused by people who dumped unwanted lionfish from home aquariums into the wild. These days, when both scientists and authorities accept that it is impossible to control the invasion of lionfish to support sustainable and balanced native marine life, the campaign “Lionfish cookbook” was announced. Western Atlantic, Caribbean, Mexican divers are called on hunting lionfish, and local chefs are encouraged to invent new lionfish-dishes.

This project aims to help restaurants and cafes who want to present of lionfish-dishes in a creative and alluring way for the clients. A full set of tableware can be utilized to serve both appetizer or main courses and sushi as well.

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