Textile Designer,
Industrial Designer


My job is to perform magic. I believe such a term describes perfectly the outcome got of the manipulating such a plain supplies as threads, beads, tiny plastic or metal pieces, and investigating cultural, historical, environmental, social and political contexts. In uncovering, enhancing, interweaving such notions, and blending with the personal way of seeing, I am trying to perform the complex, creative result.

Using a variety of hand embroidery techniques — Luneville, pearl embroidery, goldwork, etc. — I create personal artistic outcome through observation and the mix of various contexts. I aim to evoke emotions: from curiosity, that leads to the question “How was it done?”, to happiness. I strongly believe that such craft as embroidery benefits both the creator, through the ability to share the level of artistry, and the audience, that getting truly unique piece of work with part of maker’s personality.

My research and creative process involve a balance between past and present. I am particularly interested in the exploring and experimenting with heritage. I aim to both preserving traditions and seeking alternative contemporary interpretation for ideas discovered in the past. Above all, my goal is reflecting socio-cultural context and visualising personal interpretation of such processes through my craft.


Luneville Embroidery
Creative Research
Fashion Design
Concept Development
Interior Decoration



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