Contactless device for payment railway public transportation in Bangkok

A smartphone is the only device for entertaining for a person while traveling in BTS. Today, it is not only the tool to communicate but the accessory for self-expression. Still, a traditional accessory is preforming this function for a long time. The idea is to combine classic garments such as earrings with modern technology and add practical functionality to it.

The idea of earrings looks a bit radical at first sight. For local society, earrings seem more like traditional women accessory. There was observed that
young men are also wearing such type of decoration, probably not so often than women. Still, watching these days local advertisement in both fashion magazines and on the streets, the men with earrings can be noticed more often. Thus, it can be concluded that such a visual reference will probably be adopted by society soon.

It is clear that the offered idea is mostly a concept. It aims to show the opportunity to BTS that keychains of wallets are not the only option to provide alternative devices for payment systems.

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