Light Switch Concept

Designing and producing a surface-mounted light switch manufactured with molding technique.

Product Design L5
Design Materials & Technology

Seeking Inspiration

The chandelier Manila by Venini became the main source of inspiration of the project. The main feature of the item is the air bubbles which are formed during the glassblowing.

Studying market

The research was a vital part of the project. To me, it was important to analyze not only different types of light switches but also the manufacturers.

Studying types of feedback

I was interested in creating not a classic button light switch but something conceptual and surface oriented. It was the main reason to study possible types of light switch feedback.


I tried to imagine the surface with this side effect inside out. This surface seems solid, at the same time it is lightweight. Also, it looks sophisticated and it is hard to understand what it is exactly.
Thus, curiosity became the main feature of this light switch concept.


To present the concept of the light switch at the interior the led diner dining set by John Lewis and Partners was modeled.

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