Food design project

Biscuit design

THE TASTE OF CHILDHOOD I can recall the taste of the most delicious sweets from… Read More
lightswitch design concept CAD prototype (Grasshopper)

Light Switch Concept

Light Switch Concept Designing and producing a surface-mounted light switch prototyped with molding technique. Tags:… Read More
Lighting system concept prototype Interior design and Visualization

Lighting System Concept

Harduino This project aimed to study Arduino programming basics and develop a simple drawing machine.… Read More
Grasshopper Modeling surface

Grasshopper Modeling

Grasshopper Modeling There were three main tasks for this project: first, to learn entirely new… Read More
Build a Windsor chair utilizing only hand tools. Identify and apply key features of the chair in the project. Organize successful teamwork at all stages of development. Meet deadline.

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair The project's construction was inspired by the classic American Single and Double Rod-Back… Read More