The task was to design and produce a product using only two full flat A4 sheets of any materials. At the same time no glue or tape. The product must be disassemblable and have minimum or zero waste of material.

The chosen materials were sheets of artificial leather and organza. It was interesting to combine completely different types of fabric and explore joining traditional hand techniques and machinery.

The Process

The combination of craft and machinery.

Laser cutting

All cutting was made with laser cut machine. It helped to save the material and treat edges.

Hand sewing

The project based on traditional smocking pattern which was hand sewed. The cord that represents the kumihimo technique is also handmade.

Machine sewing

The sewing machine was utilized to produce the bag.


The result of the project is the waist bag that unites both traditional craft and machinery techniques. Despite the limitation of materials, the complete and wearable product was produced.

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