Windsor Chair

The construction of the project was inspired by classic American Single and Double Rod-Back side Chair. This example was chosen for the marvelous combination of simple geometric shapes and elegance simultaneously. The design is not overloaded any additional sophisticated elements which makes it lightweight and exquisite.
L4 Product Design
3D Design Practices

In spite of the lack of technical skills and non-compulsory an exact match to the sample, the team exerted maximum efforts to comply with the spirit of the basic concept of the chair.

Shaving horse

A shaving horse is a basic tool for building a Windsor chair traditionally utilizing only hand equipment. Developing this device was the first stage of the Windsor chair Project.
During the manufacturing process, the team has faced not only several challenges such as working with raw wood, dealing with bodger
ways of development, but also gained different completely new skills including a log treatment with hand tools.


  • Build a Windsor chair utilizing only hand tools.
  • Identify and apply key features of the chair in the project.
  • Organize successful teamwork at all stages of development.
  • Meet deadline.