Unique Hummingbird Pins from Avian Oasis: Get Them Online Before They Fly Away

The entire Avian Oasis Collection is now available in my online shop.

Each item in this exquisite collection features stunning hummingbird artwork that serves a dual purpose: a small wall art piece that doubles as a detachable brooch. You can choose to purchase the hummingbird pin on its own or opt for the complete set with the accompanying frame.

I’ve crafted each hummingbird pin individually, ensuring no two pieces are exactly alike. This exclusivity adds a personal touch to your purchase, whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift.

Some product pages include a “Product Enquiry” tab. If you see this option, you can request a similar piece if your desired item is no longer available. While I can’t guarantee an exact replica due to the handcrafted nature of my work, I’ll create a new hummingbird pin that closely matches the original in color palette and shape.

Important: The full Avian Oasis Collection will only be available in my online store during July and August. This is your chance to choose from the complete range of hummingbird pieces. Starting September, only select pieces will be available, and exclusively at offline markets.

Don’t miss this limited window to explore and purchase from the entire collection online. Embrace the beauty of nature with my handcrafted hummingbird artwork. Visit the shop now and let these delicate creatures bring a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe or living space!

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