New Exhibition: “A Blanket of Stars” Featuring My Artwork “Faith”

New Exhibition: "A Blanket of Stars" Featuring My Artwork "Faith"

I'm excited to share that my artwork, "Faith," will be part of the upcoming exhibition "A Blanket of Stars."

Organized by Fronteer Gallery, this exhibition will showcase a diverse range of exceptional artworks and promises to be a must-see event.

“A Blanket of Stars” will be open to the public from 26th June to 11th July at the Fronteer Gallery. I invite you to visit and experience “Faith” alongside other remarkable pieces in this thoughtfully curated show.

The Fronteer Gallery is located at Craft Unit 4, Orchard Square, Sheffield S1 2FB. I warmly welcome everyone to come and immerse themselves in this captivating exhibition.

Don’t miss the chance to explore “A Blanket of Stars” and celebrate the beauty of art with me!

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