Thailand inspired Couture Embroidery Panel

This panel is my tribute to Thailand.

I've spent in Bangkok two challenging but amazing years (who can claim the 2020/2021 period not challenging?). When it was time to make the complex “goodbye” decision, I thought it would be nice to take a small piece of Thailand with me. So I decided to apply some of my embroidery skills to create a unique piece that reminds me of good days.

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A New Embroidery Experience

The idea of this project came to me when I studied couture embroidery. I've noticed that the course has limited information about techniques. So I decided to fill the gap.

Thailand inspired couture embroidery panel
Thailand inspired couture embroidery panel
Thailand inspired couture embroidery panel

Hand Embroidery

I combined two primary embroidery methods: and Goldwork. Another challenge was working with the traditional local “Embroidery with beetle wings” technique.

Hand Dyeing

To make this piece truly unique, I decided not to use ready-made silk fabric. Instead, I used the multilayered dyed method to get a more sophisticated base for further embroidery.

Detachable Elements

It was important to create not the usual wall decor but something more complex. So, the idea to do a multipurpose project came in. This is not only a nice panel but also a set of flower brooches that can be used separately as a fashion accessory.

Thailand inspired Couture Embroidery Panel

The digital presentation of the project.
And just for fun, there are no both oriental music motifs or “One night in Bangkok”, but something completely unexpected as Thailand itself 🙂