“Lady Slipper Pink” at Living Artists Contemporary Auction

I am delighted to share the thrilling news that my artwork, "Lady Slipper Pink," from my esteemed Tropical Garden Series, has been chosen to participate in the prestigious Living Artists Contemporary Auction, hosted by Chinwe Russell Auctions.

The auction is scheduled for April/May 2024, and bidding will commence on April 17th.

Chinwe Russell, a visionary artist and industry leader of Nigerian-British descent, has curated an exceptional platform for contemporary art enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for her emotionally resonant narrative paintings, Chinwe’s influence extends beyond borders, captivating audiences with her bold and distinctive creations. With a Master’s in Business Administration from the European School of Economics in Paris, Chinwe’s artistic vision draws inspiration from the diverse tapestry of global history, cultures, and traditions.

About “Lady Slipper Pink” Artwork:

“Tropical Garden: Lady Slipper Pink” is a captivating exploration of tropical flora, meticulously crafted using couture techniques to capture the sophisticated beauty of nature. This textile artwork merges tambour stitching, needlework, and goldwork to depict a stunning stumpwork orchid surrounded by segments showcasing various embroidery methods. Traditional pearl embroidery is reimagined with hand-twisted cotton and chenille yarns, complemented by glass and natural stone beads.

The orchid itself is a blend of cotton, silk, and synthetic threads, while flat segments feature a harmonious fusion of materials including sequins, beads, velvet, French wire, lace, mesh, and hand-dyed silk ribbons. Each element contributes to the artwork’s depth and texture, creating a truly immersive experience for the viewer.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of my original artworks, as I typically do not sell them.

Explore the collection at Living Artists Contemporary Auction and place your bids starting April 17th.

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