Lady Slipper Black at Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield

I am thrilled to announce that my hand embroidered wall panel, Lady Slipper Black, from my Tropical Garden series has been selected to be a part of the Urban Jungle Group Exhibition. This event will be held at the Fronteer Gallery, located in Sheffield. The exhibition is scheduled to run from the 25th of May until the 10th of June.

Lady Slipper Black is a stunning piece that captures the beauty and essence of a tropical garden. The intricate embroidery work showcases the delicate petal of the lady slipper orchid against a backdrop of lush backround. The vibrant colors and meticulous craftsmanship truly bring this artwork to life.

Being chosen to participate in the Urban Jungle Group Exhibition is a great honor for me as an artist. It is an opportunity to showcase my talent and creativity alongside other talented artists. This exhibition will explore the urban environments that make it the great platform for my Tropical Garden series.

The Fronteer Gallery is a private contemporary art gallery that aims to promote emerging artists and innovative artwork. Their commitment to supporting local talent and providing a space for artistic expression aligns perfectly with my own values as an artist. I am excited to have my work displayed in such a gallery and look forward to the exposure it will bring.

I invite art enthusiasts (and nature lovers alike) to visit the Urban Jungle Exhibition at the Fronteer Gallery. It promises to be a captivating showcase of artwork that explores the beauty and complexities of our natural world. I am honored to have my hand embroidered wall panel, Lady Slipper Black, featured among such talented artists and hope that it resonates with viewers as much as it does with me.

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