I became an ArtCan artist

I became an ArtCan artist

I am thrilled to announce that I have been chosen as a member of ArtCan, a remarkable organization dedicated to supporting artists and fostering collaboration within the art community.

ArtCan understands the challenges artists face, such as the isolation that can come with developing a fine art practice. By providing a network of like-minded peers, ArtCan enriches our thinking and allows us to connect with other artists who share our passion.

One of the things that drew me to ArtCan is their commitment to giving artists the freedom to create and ensuring fair payment for their work. They believe that artists of all ages need time and resources to establish their practice, and they offer a no-commission sales structure that allows us to focus on our art without financial constraints.

As a member of ArtCan, I will have the opportunity to showcase my work through profile raising activities and exhibitions organized by the organization. They have a vibrant program that provides access to resources, exhibitions, and specialists, which will greatly contribute to sustaining my art practice.

ArtCan also values the support of their community, and they have an active and engaged group of supporters called Friends of ArtCan. These supporters not only have access to exhibitions, artists, and special events, but they also believe fervently in the mission of ArtCan and its impact on today’s society.

I am truly excited to be a part of this incredible organization and look forward to the opportunities and connections that being a member of ArtCan will bring. It is an honor to join a community that values collaboration, creativity, and the well-being of artists.

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