Parisian Couture at the Creative Craft Show, 24

Parisian Couture - contemporary goldwork hand embroidery wall panel by Ksenia Semirova

My latest creation, "Parisian Couture," submitted to the annual Madeira competition.

The theme, “Vision of Paris,” initially had me hesitating, but my passion for embroidery couldn’t be ignored.

Though I’ve never visited Paris, its allure is palpable. For me, it’s not just about the landmarks or movies — it’s about the artistry of fashion houses like Dior and Chanel. My canvas became a tribute to their intricate embroidery and the impact they’ve had on visual culture.

“Parisian Couture” is a testament to the beauty of embroidery in everyday life. Catch it at the Creative Craft Show in NEC, Birmingham from March 14th to 17th. Plus, grab postcards featuring this piece at the Contemporary Textile Fair from March 15th to 17th.

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