Quarta. A wrist-holder for a cup

Everyday thing for local dwellers People in Banfkok are always carrying something in their hands. It is rare to see a person free of bags. Usually, a person is taking at least three sacks, including a personal bag (purse, shoulder bag, or equivalent), and two (or more) bags with food. Among all this baggage, the… Read More

Rabbit Earrings. Contactless consumer payment device

Contactless device for payment railway public transportation in Bangkok A smartphone is the only device for entertaining for a person while traveling in BTS. Today, it is not only the tool to communicate but the accessory for self-expression. Still, a traditional accessory is preforming this function for a long time. The idea is to combine… Read More

Deep Dive

Deep Dive Every day millions of people travel to work or study, fly out to other countries for vacations and business trips, attend concerts and sports events. Billions of surveillance cameras monitor movement and are responsible for the safety of the general public in places vulnerable to terrorist attacks. These and several other technological inventions together conclude… Read More