Al. Part 2. System for windows zone

AL. HANGING SYSTEM FOR WINDOW ZONE How might we rethink the concept of blinds to make it a more emotional part of an interior that affecting a mood? If you need to spend a lot of time at home for either work or any other reason, windows are the only way to explore outside. Al helps… Read More

Al. Part 1. Concept development

Al. Concept development History is the object of a construction whose place is formed not in homogenous and empty time, but in that which is fulfilled by the here-and-how [Jetztzeit]. For Robespierre, Roman antiquity was a past charged with the here-and-how, which he explored out of the continuum of history. The French revolution thought of… Read More

Terrain. Public space table and chandelier

Public space table and chandelier The main inspiration for this project is natural and humanmade terrains. Observing the unique structures gave the idea of a cascade table for different eating/drinking behavior patterns.      More details about the project development could be found here. School BHSAD Year 2018 Level Product Design L4 Module Product Design Skills… Read More

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair The construction of the project was inspired by classic American Single and Double Rod-Back side Chair. This example was chosen for the marvelous combination of simple geometric shapes and elegance simultaneously. The design is not overloaded any additional sophisticated elements which makes it lightweight and exquisite. School BHSAD Year 2017 Level L4 Product Design… Read More

Windsor Chair Redesign Concept

Chair for Leisure Redesign of  the Arm-Writing Windsor Chair School BHSAD Year 2017 Level Product Design L4 Module 3D Design Practice Read More