Al. Part 2. System for windows zone

AL. HANGING SYSTEM FOR WINDOW ZONE How might we rethink the concept of blinds to make it a more emotional part of an interior that affecting a mood? If you need to spend a lot of time at home for either work or any other reason, windows are the only way to explore outside. Al helps… Read More

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas This project is inspired by one of the best Christmas movies - Home Alone. This series is a personal reflection on the current reality that changed our way of life so dramatically. Christmas is a time of hope and joy, but since it is hard to stay cheerful, I believe… Read More

The Legend about The World of Art

The World of Art or Mir Iskusstva movement is one of the brightest but short pages of Russian art history. During the project, it was interesting to figure out why the movement founders were focused on art and craft, not on social problems like a lot of creative class representatives at that time.  The motivation… Read More