White Dove brooch. Large

This white dove is a part of a collection of “Doves 🤍💙🤍”.


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This white dove is a part of a collection of “Doves 🤍💙🤍”.

The white dove brooch is made with a traditional Russian pearl embroidery technique. The row of 3mm white pearl beads lay securely on a white cotton twine embellished by a custom-made silver metallic twisted cord. Inner part of brooch decorated vivid blue crystal (you can choose the shade and shape) and white sequins.

Don’t forget to choose a type of crystal! Each type has a different shape and shade of blue.

Also, there are options for the pin. You can choose between traditional bar-pin (needle) or magnetic pin.

Additional information


8 x 9.5 cm



Type of Pin

Bar-pin fastening, Magnetic pin

Type of Crystal

Chaton Deep Blue, Rivoli Aqua, Triangle Sky Blue


Doves of Peace

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