The World of Art or Mir Iskusstva movement is one of the brightest but short pages of Russian art history. During the project, it was interesting to figure out why the movement founders were focused on art and craft, not on social problems like a lot of creative class representatives at that time. 

The motivation of leaders, as well as their personal characters, are the main inspiration for this project. To express my perception of the personalities the kokoshnik tiara, as one of the symbols of Russian style, was chosen.

Foundation Art and Design

Seeking Inspiration

The project was inspired by the Russian art movement “Mir Iskusstva” and its creators and masterminds – Aleksandre Benois, Konstantin Somov, Sergei Diaghilev, Leon Bakst, Dmitri Filosofov.


During the research, there were studied several different areas such as the concept of Russian style (1800’s and modern perception), the Mir Iskusstva’s basic features and biographies and memoirs of movement founders.


There were created three tiaras to represent personalities of L. Bakst, K. Somov and A. Benois.