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Every day millions of people travel to work or study, fly out to other countries for vacations and business trips, attend concerts and sports events. Billions of surveillance cameras monitor movement and are responsible for the safety of the general public in places vulnerable to terrorist attacks. These and several other technological inventions together conclude today’s security system. One of those devices is a metal detector that many of us know as a frame. This security scanning system helps to define the presence and amount of any metal on a person, its location and permissibility. An ordinary person passes through frames like these 2-3 times on an average day.
We decided to research the experience surrounding these devices and take this topic as our main area of focus.

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The role
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This group project to me was twice harder than others before. I was assigned as a team leader that meant double effort and triple responsibility. Furthermore, there were seven of us. Each one with a strong personality and vision what and how is right. I did not ask this role, but I decided to perceive it as a personal challenge both as a young design professional and as a former manager. First of all, I explained my vision of effective teamwork to my team-mates. Mainly, I highlighted the significance and necessity of discipline. All the time I heard jokes about that, but, honestly, fun is better than a missed deadline. To me, it was necessary to build honest, respectful, and transparent relationships between team members. At the same time, each of us must understand that collaboration was a core for effective performance. Some of us studied new work approaches, and others tried to find out that seven people in the team are not a sentence. Also, the discovery of tedious writing tasks and almost daily meetings have come to the fore.
It is not correct to say that we had a 100% smooth teamwork processes. The team was indeed tried to perform their best. For these three weeks, we learned not only some facts about the security system of Moscow metro or the attitude for safety by government and business. Most importantly, we discovered the definition of a truly effective team, and I hope they will utilize this knowledge.