Personal Manifesto

Today, creativity is more than ever appreciated and actively developed in professional and other spheres of life. This occurs when a  shift from values that prioritize meeting immediate material needs to ones that stress belonging, self-expression, opportunity, environmental quality, diversity, community, and quality of life is clearly noticed (Inglehart, 1981). Those who have been treated…

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The Role of Designers in Value Creation Process

Socially responsible design as a value is becoming a trigger to the leadership of designers. At present, design overall is not about the  aesthetic attractiveness of commodities and the form transformation for the sake of profit is no longer a  designers’ main task. These days design is defined as an engine for innovations including novel approaches in management practice.…

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Pavel Ovchinnikov’s Jewelry Company. A story of success both in branding and culture development

Clotaire Rapaille, who is the Founder of “Archetype Discoveries Worldwide” and author of the book “Culture Code”, says “If we become uniform and we all begin to exist as one planetary culture, then we can lose the cultural identity that formed us”.   Some experts believe it is premature to say about originality of Russian design. These days we are at the point of studying and adaptation of the…

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Lionfisn tableware concept